Trends in Commercial Design and Build.

As with all aspects of life, styles and trends come and go and commercial interior design is no exception. It is constantly evolving, so the interior design of commercial and hospitality properties also goes through these shifting trends.

Identifying emerging trends is an important part of being on the cutting-edge of design. At DABLtd, we are on top of the latest innovations in design and build. We work with clients to come up with creative ways to incorporate new , innovative ideas into our project designs to best serve the ultimate goals of the client.

Examples of some trends noticed in the recent past are:

Mixing Textures & Styles Eclectically: One “trend” which has had a lasting appeal is the blending of either rustic and what might be termed industrial finishes with the clean lines of today’s modern design. In some restaurant and pub interiors, there is a wonderful mixture of exposed brick work as a contrasting backdrop to the softer lines of furniture and accessories.

Exposed Brickwork

Combining Rough and Simple Surfaces: Juxtaposition between contrasting materials and surfaces (for example simple and rough) creates a unique intimate setting. This can be especially effective when used in a hospitality environment.

Surface Textures

Reuse & Recycle: Using architectural salvage (from reclaimed buildings) such as old brick, finials, flooring, leaded windows, industrial lighting can bring an added and unique aspect to any interior.

Lighting Styles

Including “Green/Living” Elements: This trend has seen the use of elements such as “green” roofs and walls. While limited in its application and not suitable to most sites, the thinking behind such innovation is to try to reduce pollution and run-off. It also helps to insulate buildings and reduce maintenance costs. And, depending on the location, the “green” components can provide habitats for wildlife. Importantly from a design perspective , they are attractive to look at and can enhance the aesthetics of any project.